Coincidence? I think not.

The world is a brighter place today. Since Martin Havlat scored the game-winner on Friday night, it seems like everything is a bit nicer. It’s 65 degrees outside and the sun is shining. My food has more taste, my neighbors are friendlier, my car is running better, and yes, the Minnesota Wild has a winning streak. Granted they haven’t exactly been blowing teams out of the water, but they’re winning, pure and simple. They’re getting fantastic goaltending from both goalies, they’re getting clutch goals from players like Brent Burns (he’s still on the team?) and most important to me, they’re fun to watch these days. When faced with a viewing decision of Wild hockey or “Giada at Home” I actually watched puck and I wasn’t disappointed.

The team is finally playing under the system Coach Todd Richards has been preaching about for over a season and as it turns out, it works! Puck possession, quick breakout passes and hitting have been noticeable over the past week. And I’m coming around to the opinion that this team may contend for a playoff spot this season. Yes, I said it…this season.

And all because I’m able to have a beer again. Thanks Marty!

Bill Peterson / / hockey