Go Back to NYC

Marian Gaborik (pictured above at Blaine Chuck-e-Cheese) makes his return to Minnesota tomorrow night and I, for one, will not welcome him back with open arms. Marian was this team’s franchise player, he was everything. When healthy, he’s right up there with Alex, Steven and Ilya in goal-scoring ability.
Often when it’s clear that a team’s star is “going to test the free agent waters” the team has a chance to trade this player and get something in return. Not with Marian. When it became clear that he was not going to re-sign with the Wild, GM Doug Risebrough waited a few months and then lost all trade value when Marian injured his groin playing hacky-sack.
An f***ing hacky-sack game kicked this franchise in the groin and put the Wild in the tailspin that they have yet to recover from. Sure, I think they’re on the right track, but without Marian they’re years behind schedule.
Will I boo? No, because I can’t afford a ticket to the game, but I will not enjoy my beer as much when watching the game from the comfort of my basement.

Bill Peterson / / hockey