May 29, 2014

Hockey Therapy

First off, a little background.  I authored this blog from 2007 to 2013 and spewed forth such controversial opinions as:
  • Fire Coach Lemaire, the game has passed him by.
  • Kathryn Tappen should never appear on television again.
  • Fire Coach Richards, he doesn't have a clue.
  • The craft beer business will never work in the Twin Cities.
  • Fire Coach Yeo, he's too inexperienced.
  • Trade Marian Gaborik, he's not a playoff performer.
  • Retire Nick Schultz's jersey, he'll be here forever

As you can read, sometimes my takes in the past have been a tad premature and sometimes just wrong.  That being said, I have devoted myself to watching countless hours of hockey at all levels (Pee-Wee to Professional) since I retired the original blog and I think I've learned a lot.  For one, never play Rage Against the Machine for Pee-Wee warm up music without screening it for obscenities.  Oh well, we learn and adapt.

Anyhow, please check back here fairly often for my takes on the Minnesota Wild, the NHL, College Hockey and anything else that comes up.  Thanks for reading!