June 4, 2014

Don't Fire Mike Yeo

Granted there isn't any evidence around that I called for Coach Mike Yeo to be relieved of his duties last December (and the previous December), but as I write today I can tell you I no longer feel that way.  Yeo has grown on me and, more importantly this team.  That being the case, Wild GM Chuck Fletcher signed Yeo to a 3 year extension last week.  Good move?  Sure, the team needs consistency.

I liken Yeo to a young Ben Kenobi.  Sure, Yeo (like Obi-Wan) made his share of mistakes early on in his career, but he grew into the role.  Think Kenobi didn't have second thoughts about not pushing Anakin Skywalker into the fiery lava river instead of leaving him alive and burnt?  That act alone would've saved millions of lives come Episodes 4-6.  Granted, Yeo has made some equally poor decisions, but he has gotten better.  Good move.